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Covid-19 - Entering France

Last check : 18/01/2021

Vignette Actu Avion

Due to the spread of the Covid-19, the President of the French Republic announced new travel restrictions, starting October 30, 2020.
The welcome of international students and researchers remains a priority, they benefit from special entry conditions.


Entry conditions may change depending on the evolution of the pandemic, the following content is subject to frequent changes.
You can also visit the Q&A webpage of the French ministry of Foreign Affairs

I. You live in a member state of the European Union, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, the Holy See

Entry conditions:

Entering France is possible without any restriction.

United Kingdom
Since January 1st 2021, British citizens are no longer considered as EU citizens. See entry conditions in section II.

Testing & quarantine requirements:

There are no quarantine requirements, except if the month before your arrival, you stayed in a zone where the Covid-19 virus was circulating (consult the list).

II. You live outside the EU

Entry conditions:

Entering France is possible only is you have a student visa, a "Passeport Talent" visa (Researchers and members of your family, employees), if you were already living in France or if your situation is listed in the "attestation de déplacement vers la France" (see below).
You will have to show, before boarding and at controls upon arrival, a travel certificate (sworn statement) filled out and signed, that can be downloaded from the French ministry of Home Affairs website.

Testing & quarantine requirements:

You must provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test from under 72 hours before boarding. If you cannot provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test, you must request an exemption from the French consulate in the country you live, and will be tested upon arrival in the airport. In this case, you will have to quarantine for 7 days following your arrival, and get tested once again after this period in order to be able to leave your home.

Updated on January 18, 2021

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