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The third issue of « Chercheurs d’horizons » is published

on the September 24, 2013
Education, Research

Chercheurs d'horizons is finally back. This 32 pages magazine, conceived and realized by the doctoral candidates of Université de Grenoble, is now even available in a bilingual English/French version.

In this edition: a report at the heart of the Doctoriales, a progress report on the Assises de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, an interview to know everything about the Label Recherche et Enseignement Supérieur, some advice to study abroad during a doctoral studies.

Benjamin Druart, Anne-Laure Ladier, Fériel Mélaine and Valentin Zulkower, four doctoral candidates of Université de Grenoble, the team at the origin of the third issue of Chercheurs d'horizons, led this project from A to Z: from redaction to edition including translation and page layout. They were helped by their tutor, Isabelle Joncour, and is part of a DFI workgroup (service doctoral pour la formation, l'initiation et l'insertion professionnelle)

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Updated on October 7, 2013

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