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The procedure to apply for a residence permit in Grenoble

Important : Covid-19, changes regarding Préfecture procedures

Procedures for submitting residence permits applications and collecting residence permit cards have changed : please check this page
The process in 4 steps, for first requests and renewals :

Step 1

Between 2 to 3 months before the expiration of your current residence permit (card or validated long-stay visa), make an appointment on the Préfecture website, only in the section dedicated to the students and researchers. If you make an appointment through another section, your application file won’t be accepted the day of the appointment.

The appointment date cannot be more than 2 months before the expiration of your current residence permit.
If there is no available slot, often check the website until they upload new appointments (slots are also re-uploaded in case of cancellations).
If you made the appointment before the expiration of your current residence permit and the date of the appointment is after its expiration, you won't have additional taxes to pay.  Make sure to keep the mail with your appointment notification.

You must only make one appointment per person. If the appointment you made is not convenient for you, you have to cancel it and make another one (you can manage your appointment requests with the mail of your appointment confirmation). No appointment will be given if requested by mail or phone.


After you select a time slot, you will receive a first email asking you to confirm your appointment. Upon confirmation, you will receive a second email with a pdf containing the date, time and address of your appointement on the on-campus Préfecture office

Step 3

Submit your application file the day of your appointment. If your file is complete, you will receive directly a récépissé.

Step 4

A text message from the Préfecture informs you when the production of the residence permit card is done. We advise you to wait 15 days from the day you received the sms before coming without an appointment to collect it during the opening hours of the On-campus Préfecture Office. Don't forget to bring the originals of the following documents :
  • your passport ;
  • your current residence permit ;
  • your récépissé ;
  • the tax stamp (to buy online or at some bureaux de tabac) ;
  • your certificate of enrolment or student ID card (if you have a "student" residence permit).
As it is a procedure without an appointment, the possibility to collect the residence permit card depends on the welcoming capacity of the Préfecture.

Please note

Due to an unknown technical problem, some people do not receive the text message. If you haven't received anything 6 weeks after your appointment, you can go to the on-campus Préfecture office or send an email to ISSO (with the copy of your récépissé) to check if your card is available.

Updated on March 23, 2020

See also

Further information

Further information and help in compiling your application dossier can be obtained by contacting (without making an appointment) the team of the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO).

On-campus Prefecture Office / ISSO

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