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The procedure to apply for a residence permit in Grenoble

Important: student ("étudiant") residence permits

Appointments are intended only for students who cannot apply on the national online platform.
To know more, consult our section dedicated to online applications.

Change of address, DCEM (for children), duplicate, renewal of a récépissé

These requests must be submitted through an online platform
Please note: due to the ongoing pandemic, the Isère préfecture takes several weeks to process incoming requests.

The process in 4 steps, for first requests and renewals :

Step 1 - make an appointment

Between 2 to 3 months before the expiration of your current residence permit (card or validated long-stay visa), make an appointment on the Préfecture website, only in the section dedicated to the students and researchers. If you make an appointment through another section, your application file won’t be accepted the day of the appointment.

The appointment date cannot be more than 2 months before the expiration of your current residence permit.
If there is no available slot, often check the website until they upload new appointments (slots are also re-uploaded in case of cancellations).


Appointments made through the Isère Prefecture are free. Do not accept, under any circumstances, commercial offers selling appointments.
If you made the appointment before the expiration of your current residence permit and the date of the appointment is after its expiration, you won't have additional taxes to pay.  Make sure to keep the mail with your appointment notification.

You must only make one appointment per person. If the appointment you made is not convenient for you, you have to cancel it and make another one (you can manage your appointment requests with the mail of your appointment confirmation). No appointment will be given if requested by mail or phone.
After you select a time slot, you will receive a first email asking you to confirm your appointment. Upon confirmation, you will receive a second email with a pdf containing the date, time and address of your appointment on the on-campus Préfecture office

Step 2 - Gathet the required documents

Step 3 - Have your application file checked by ISSO

New: Online verification of residence permits application files

ISSO checks your application dossier online before your appointment at the On-Campus Préfecture Office!

Please note:
  • Only application files for residence permits as 'Étudiant', 'passeport talent Chercheur' and spouse of researcher or student can be checked online.
  • This service is not intended to apply directly for a residence permit. This verification, which is optional, is made by the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) of the UGA prior to your appointment.
Access the online verification platform (you will need to create a 'démarches simplifiées' account)

Step 4 - Submit your application

Submit your application file the day of your appointment. If your file is complete, you will receive directly a récépissé.

Step 5 - Collect your residence permit

A text message from the Préfecture informs you when your residence permit is available.

If you don't have any information 4 weeks after submitting your file, or additional document(s), you can contact us by mail (attach the copy of your récépissé) in order to know about the processing of your application.

New procedure

As of November 1st, you need to make an appointment in order to collect your residence permit at the on-campus Préfecture office:
Make an appointment on the Isere Préfecture website

Don't forget to bring the originals of the following documents the day you collect your residence permit :
  • your passport ;
  • your current residence permit ;
  • your récépissé ;
  • the tax stamp (to buy online or at some bureaux de tabac) ;
  • your certificate of enrolment (if you have a 'student' residence permit).

Updated on November 20, 2020

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