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Guest Researchers Database (base de chercheurs invités)

By subscribing to the Guest Researchers Database (base de chercheurs invités), you will have access to many services, some of them directly accessible on line:
  • Applying for lodgings (hotel accommodation, private residences)
  • Putting you in contact with owners of furnished accommodation
  • Administrative and legal assistance (visa, social security, banking, insurance...),
  • French language courses at preferential rates,
  • Cultural activities,
  • Help for families.
We advise you to apply even before leaving your home country as a way of better preparing your stay.
Following your application, you will receive an email containing an identification number that you will have to give us in order to benefit from these services.

Puce indiquant un lien externe Subscribe to the Guest Researchers Database

ISSO is a member of the EURAXESS network of service centres, set up by the European Commission. It thus enables researchers and PhD students to benefit from special help for settling in, via the guest researcher database.
More information on the Euraxess network.
Follow the Euraxess network news on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Updated on September 20, 2019

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