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Financial assistance with accommodation

The Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) enables to benefit from a housing allowance (‘aide au logement’), provided that certain conditions are met.

What are the conditions to apply for a housing allowance ?

In order to be eligible for a housing allowance, you must be living in France for at least 3 months, have signed a rental agreement, and have a French bank account.

Important !
If you have a visa marked “dispense temporaire de carte de séjour”, you cannot benefit from housing allowances.

How much financial help can I receive ?

The award and the amount of the housing allowance are based on several criteria : financial resources, family situation, amount of the rent, type of accommodation…
Before applying, to have an idea of how much you could receive, you can do a simulation online, on the CAF website, section ‘Faire une simulation.

When can I receive the housing allowance ?

You should apply online as soon as your rental contract starts : the start of the entitlements depends on the date you apply, not on the date you moved in !
Also note that you will not receive any payment for the first month.
Example :
You move into your accommodation on September 10th.
  • Online request in September -> Housing entitlement starts in October, paid early November
  • Online request in November -> Housing entitlement starts in December, paid early January

How to apply for a housing allowance ?

The application is made online, on the CAF website, section ‘Demander une prestation.
At the end of the online procedure, user codes to access your online account will be sent either by text message, or by post.
In the meantime, make sure you have downloaded the application recap ('récapitulatif de la demande') after its validation.

CAF procedure guides are available in English and Spanish to help you through the online application :

What documents to submit once the application is completed online ?

Everyone :
  • Photocopy / scan of ID card or passport
  • Photocopy / scan of your birth certificate
Europeans :
  • Photocopy / scan of your European Health Insurance Card
  • Photocopy / scan of a proof of registration at university (‘certificat de scolarité’) (if applicable)
Third country nationals (outside Europe) :
  • Photocopy / scan of your visa and of the certificate « Confirmation de la validation de l’enregistrement de votre visa long séjour valant titre de séjour » or of your residence permit.

Depending on your situation, you may need to provide other documents : please check the list of documents requested by the CAF, which shows on your application recap.

You can submit your documents via the CAF website, from your online account, or send them by post to your local CAF.

Any document issued in a foreign language must be translated in French by an authorized sworn translator.

What to do if your situation changes ?

Any change must be notified to the CAF via your personal account : change of address in France, moving back abroad, salary, change of personal circumstances (couple, children, etc…).

Need help ?

The CAF website
Telephone line dedicated to students : 0810 29 29 29 (0,06 € /minute + cost of call)
CAF de l’Isère : 0810 25 38 80 (0,06 € /minute + prix d’appel)
CAF de la Drôme : 0810 25 26 10 (0,06 € /minute + prix d’appel)

iCampus – welcome center ISSO
CAF de l’Isère, 3 rue des alliés, Grenoble
CAF de la Drôme

Updated on November 14, 2019

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