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Long stay accommodation (student)

 The choice of your accommodation is important for the good course of your stay. Our advice is to start looking two months before your arrival in France.

The two main kinds of accommodation are:

The university residences (CROUS)

These are run by an organization known by its acronym CROUS (which stands for 'Centre Régional des OEuvres Universitaires et Scolaires'). This is the most economical form of accommodation but the limited access means that not everyone can be housed this way. Priority is given to students enrolled for a Master's degree.

All these lodgings are furnished and the monthly cost usually includes heating, lighting and water. For a self-contained 'studio flat' (what is called in French 'studio'), electricity is charged separately.

The types of CROUS accommodation (indicative rates):

  • The traditional furnished type of room of 9 m², with washbasin. Toilets, shower and kitchen are shared. Average cost: 170 € per month.
  • A furnished room of 12 m² with its own toilet and shower. Shared kitchen facilities. Average cost: 300 € per month.
  • A furnished appartment 'studio' for one person of 12-14 m² with its own toilet, shower and kitchen facilities. Average cost: 400 € per month (plus electricity).

Puce indiquant un lien externe About CROUS residences

If you are a grantholder managed by Campus France agency, the agency will directly take up your request with the CROUS pôle logement.

Access procedures:

How do you apply for accommodation in a CROUS university residence?

The private rental sector

There is considerable provision of private sector rental accommodation in Grenoble. But you should remember that in the period when the university year begins (between the end of August and the end of October), the demand for accommodation is very high.

The types of accommodation in the private sector:
  • Private-sector student residences offer furnished apartments of between 18 and 30 m² with their own toilet, shower and kitchenette.
    Average cost: 450 to 600 € per month (plus service charges).
  • A furnished room in a private home with shared bathroom and kitchen. Average cost: 300 € per month (including all charges).
  • A 20 m² apartment: average cost: 400 to 500 €
  • Sharing a rental (colocation) with other persons (colocataires). This is a way of sharing both the rental costs and service charges.
In most cases, energy charges (water, gas and electricity) are not included in the rental price.

Remember! Those occupying private accommodation on 1st January are liable to pay an accommodation tax (taxe d'habitation).


How to find accommodation in the private sector?


Various associations and agencies classify types of accommodation on offer (apartments, furnished rooms in private homes, studio flats in private residences, or offers of joint rentals (colocations).


  • The national website of student accommodation LoKaviZ lists offers for apartment rentals in the private sector, joint rentals (colocations) and rooms in private houses.
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    It might also be worth checking, for reference purposes, availability in CROUS residences.
  • The Organization Association Départementale Information Initiative Jeunesse de Grenoble (ADIIJ) publishes in their classified advertisements a list of privately-placed offers of accommodation: small flat rentals, joint rentals (colocations) and rooms in private houses.
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  • The estate (or real-estate) agencies carry lists of rental offers and are willing to help students find accommodation corresponding to their stated criteria (price, geographic location).
    There are many agencies in Grenoble and the surrounding area.
    When a student finds lodgings through an agency and signs a lease, the student has to pay the agency's fees which are generally equivalent to one month's rental.
  • Between private individuals: Some owners manage directly their accommodation. In this case, owners have to be contacted directly.
  • Many websites are made to put in contact people looking for shared accommodations.

Access to electricity, gas and water

The guarantor

Whether you choose a university residence (CROUS) or an accommodation in the private rental sector, you will be asked for a guarantor (garant) if you have a low income.
Most of the time, lessors only accept 'garants' that pay their taxes in France, which can be problematic for foreigners.
To solve this issue, some solutions exist, namely the "Visale" procedure.

More information :
Puce indiquant un lien externe On the Campus France website, including a step-by-step procedure guide
Puce indiquant un lien externe
Puce indiquant un lien externe More information on the National Agency For Information on Accommodation

Updated on January 17, 2020


For all your questions about student housing in Grenoble:


Lots of expenses occur in the first month:
  • One month rental to be paid in advance
  • A guarantee down-payment or deposit
  • Any agency fees that have to be paid
  • Housing insurance
  • Opening water, electricityand gas accounts
  • Arranging for telephone (fixed or mobile)
  • Arranging for internet connection
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