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French cuisine is known for its refinement and sophistication. Each region has its own specialties which are part of the French cultural heritage.
In the Rhone-Alpes region, you can try a great variety of dishes : gratin dauphinois (a special easy-to-make potato dish), ravioles (a local form of ravioli pasta with cheese filling), diots (special Savoie sausages), tarte aux noix (the area around Grenoble being a world centre of walnuts!), not to forget the celebrated vins de Savoie (from the vineyards on the mountain slopes near Chambery).
The French generally eat three times a day : breakfast, lunch between noon and 2pm, and diner around 7 or 8pm.

Eating in university restaurants

The university restaurants, commonly called 'Restos U' or 'RU' constitute the most economical solution for having a complete and balanced meal.
These restaurants and cafeterias run by the CROUS are open to all members of the university community, from Monday to Friday in the middle of the day - and evening as well for some of them.
Payment has to be made with a payment system called Izly, that comes either as a card, or as an application (more information in the side frame).
Some university restaurants also accept cash or credit cards.
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Eating in town

If you want to eat out, you have plenty of choice: cafes, sandwich bars, fast-food outlets, brasseries (pub-style restaurants), etc.
Normal prices can go from about 4 € for a sandwich to 25 € for a complete meal (first course, main course, dessert), but you can pay much more in Grenoble's best restaurants.
You should note that many restaurants are closed on Sundays.


marchesIf you have cooking facilities in your residence, you will find lots of food shops near the campuses.
But remember that most of these will be closed on Sundays.
You should also try the many open-air markets which are set up in town squares in most neighbourhoods, generally from 7am to 1pm.
These are good for buying fresh products: fruit, vegetables, cheeses, meat, etc.

Worth knowing : 'biological' agriculture

logo Agriculture biologiqueMore and more food sold in foodshops is the produce of 'biological' agriculture, often called organic' food in English, and known in French as "bio".
This means the produce of agricultural methods which do not resort to pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Such products are generally more expensive than other products.
You can buy it in supermarkets or direct from the producers in markets.

Updated on February 19, 2019

The IZLY card

You can request it for free at the desk of university restaurants upon presentation of your student card. You will have access to a reduced fare of 3.15€ for a complete meal.
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