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Applying for a residence permit for international students and researchers in Valence

In Valence, you must take an appointment online with the Drôme Prefecture to submit your residence permit application.

Step 1.

Fill in the appointment form:


listen to the word to enter


Step 2.

Contact ISSO to check your documents

Once you have requested an appointment at the Prefecture, you will obtain a list of documents required to compile your file. Check your application file without appointement at the ISSO office (see details on the right) or send your documents (pdf) to be checked by email .

Once your application has been checked and completed, you will receive an email containing the date of your appointment at the Drôme Prefecture. 
ISSO will continue to assist and accompany you throughout the application process.


Step 3.

Submit your application at the Drôme Prefecture

You must come in person the day of your appointment with all requested documents and their photocopies (most importantly your passport and residence permit if you have one). If the application is complete, you will receive on the same day a temporary residence document called “récépissé”.

Step 4.

Once your residence permit is ready, you will receive notification from the Drôme Prefecture to pick it up.

You will need to pay for your residence permit with fiscal stamps. The amount to be paid will be communicated to you during the first appointment at the Prefecture, and depends on the nature of your residence permit and its duration.

Updated on March 4, 2019

Further information

International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) in Valence
Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes

Monday: 9:00-12:30 13:30-17:00
Thursday: 9:00-12:30

Maison de l’Etudiant Drôme-Ardèche
9 place Latour-Maubourg - 26000 Valence

Tuesday: 9:00-12:30 13:30-17:00
Site Briffaut - Grenoble INP - Esisar, Building D, 2nd floor (UK), D204 office
50 Rue Barthélémy de Laffemas - 26000 Valence

Friday: 9:00-12:30
Site Briffaut - DSDA Building 1, ground floor, office 002
38 rue Barthélémy de Laffemas - Valence
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