World Cafés, intercultural exchanges

International, For students, For staff
Mains tenant des tasses à café
World Cafés (cafés du monde) are a series of gatherings for students and/or staff members to discuss an intercultural topicin a convivial setting. Creative workshops or moments of discussion, conferences or games: the world cafés are organized in various forms.

Are you keen on discovering other traditions, customs, ways of seeing the world and thinking? Are you a curious, talkative and/or playful person?

If the answer is yes, the World Cafes will meet your expectations! These moments of exchange gather students and/or staff members to exchange and participate in playful activities related to an intercultural topic.
Depending on the edition, exchanges are held in French or in English.
Participation in these events is completely free and requires registration.

Upcoming editions:
The next editions of the World Café will take place from September 2022 on. Stay tuned!

Updated on  July 19, 2022