Covid 19 – Access to your services, help and support
The services dedicated to students, doctoral students and researchers of the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) continue to adapt to the situation in order to maintain continuity of service despite the ongoing restrictions. A certain number of help and support systems have also been put in place.
Last updated: 7 April 2021

International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO)

In Grenoble

The Welcome center ISSO is closed to the public until further notice.
The building remains accessible only to those who have an appointment with the prefecture (more information below).
But the service remains available by email, and depending on your situation, can also arrange an appointment online or in person.

In Valence

All reception desks are closed to the public until further notice.
But the service remains available by email and by phone.
The service also continues to offer its assistance for residence permits procedures remotely.
Grenoble or Valence
Whether you are in Grenoble or Valence, for any question related to visa validation, residence permits, CAF housing allowance, health insurance, accommodation … see the section ‘Getting organized’ of this website.
If you cannot find answers to your questions on the website, you can contact ISSO by email or by phone.

On-campus Prefecture office in St-Martin-d’Hères

The on-campus Isère Prefecture office in St- Martin-d’Hères remains open upon appointment only.

Bringing an additional document to your dossier (after an appointment) is possible by sending it by email to ISSO ( along with a copy of your récépissé. ISSO will then pass them on to the Isère Prefecture for you.

For all other procedures, see our section dedicated to visas and residence permits.

Drôme Prefecture

ISSO Valence assistance for residence permits applications at the Drôme Prefecture is maintained.

> To find out more, visit the section of this website dedicated to residence permits in Valence.

Colibri welcome desk

The welcome desk Colibri, for persons in exile, is open 3 days a week, by appointment.
You can ask for an appointment: > For more information, please visit the Colibri website

CROUS Grenoble Alpes – University restaurants

CROUS restaurants are adapting their offer to the situation.

In this period of health crisis, students benefit from meal formulas at 1€, twice a day, with their Izly account activated.
> Find out more about the 1€ meals for students

Meals from CROUS restaurants are sold as take-away, via the CROUS food trucks, but some of the restaurant rooms are open for eating on site, in strict compliance with health and sanitary rules.
> You can visit the CROUS Grenoble Alpes website to find out about the restaurants that are open in Grenoble and Valence.

CROUS Grenoble Alpes - Social service

The CROUS social service remains open and devices for helping students are available.

Whether you need exceptional food or financial help, or for psychological support, you can make an appointment with a social worker online, via the website

For urgent requests, you can also contact the Crous social service : In Grenoble / Saint-Martin-d’Hères:
Welcoming students for information is being maintained on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8:30 am to 12 pm, in compliance with the ongoing sanitary measures.

Psychological support

All of the HappsyLine and HappsyHours consultations are maintained, remotely by video consultation.
You can make an appointment on the Apsytude website.

> Visit the CROUS Grenoble Alpes website to find out more

Students health center - Grenoble

The Students health center remains open and welcomes students and PhD students upon appointment.

You can make an appointment online, from the Students health center website.
> Make an appointment

If you wish to see an english-speaking psychologist, you can directly send an email to Robert Lock, mentioning your contact details, and he will get back to you : .

If there are no more appointments available to see a psychologist, the Students health center has prepared lists of helplines or places and contacts for getting psychological support: If you are seeking for advice, you can contact the Students health center :
  • By phone
    • Hotline 8am - 12pm (except Tuesday 10am – 12pm) : 04 76 82 82 38
    • 04 76 82 40 70
  • By email, via the webpage ‘Horaires & plans d’accès’ on the Students health center website
> Visit the Students health center website for more information

Youth health center - Valence

The Youth health center ("Centre santé jeunes") and the "Point relais oxygène" are open.

Stress management workshops ("ateliers de gestion du stress") are offered individually in 30-minute slots and teleconsultation is encouraged.
> More information about stress management workshops

You can also participate in art therapy workshops, to help you express your emotions using an artistic medium.
> More information about art therapy workshops

Appointments with the psychologists of the Point relais oxygène are maintained, and will be either on site or by phone.
You can contact the psychologists by phone : 04 75 42 05 54 (direct line) or 04 75 56 62 11.
Do not hesitate to leave a message if you want to be called back.

You can contact the Youth health center :

University libraries

University libraries (BU) are open to all upon appointment.
Collections, computer equipment, and study rooms are available for a maximum of 50% of their usual reception capacity.

Université Grenoble Alpes students, teachers and members of staff

You can make an appointment online, via the application Affluences.
> Visit the university libraries website to find out more

Other persons

You can reserve a place at the libraries reception desk.

> More information on the University libraries website

Orientation and professional integration (career centers)

In Grenoble

The ‘espace orientation et insertion professionnelle (OIP)’ cannot welcome students on site, but offers different options to continue informing and helping : telephone helpline, distance interview…
> Visit the Prose platform for more information

And if you are a student at Grenoble INP or Sciences Po Grenoble, do not hesitate to contact your career center or service :
> ‘Espace carrière Grenoble INP’
> ‘Espace carrière Sciences Po Grenoble’

In Valence

The CIO’SUP in Valence continues to help and inform you at distance : telephone helpline…

> Visit the Prose platform for more information

Pedagogical activities, sport and culture at UGA

To stay informed about the organisation of your lectures and other classes at the Université Grenoble Alpes : regularly check your student email account, your student intranet, and the website of your host school or faculty.
For any question, do not hesitate to contact the ‘service de scolarité’ (admissions office) or the international relations office of your host faculty or school.
New health measures: changes at university
Yassine Lakhnech, the President of Université Grenoble Alpes, wished to clarify the situation for students of UGA, following the announcements of the President of the French Republic.
> Read the UGA President's message for more information


For more information about the practice of sports at the UGA, you can visit the SUAPS website:
> Organization of sports activities for semester 2
> The programm 'Second souffle' (second breath) (physical and sports workshops)
> The tutorials "Made in SUAPS UGA"
> UGA Cross the line !


Artistic practice and discovery workshops with professionals are offered in Grenoble and Valence.
These workshops are reserved for students, upon registration, with a limited number of places.
> Saturday discovery workshops in Grenoble
> Discovery workshops in Valence
> More information on the website L'Ouvre-boîte

University staff

The UGA SUAPS organizes the "Midis santé" (healthy noon break).
> Find out more about the "Midis santé"

CAESUG offers free outdoor sports activities for UGA personnel (entitled to Caesug services).
> Find out more about the activities offered
> Find out more about CAESUG

Help and support systems

In Grenoble

Exchange, advice and solidarity devices are being set up little by little.
If you need help or wish to offer your own, do not hesitate to regularly visit the iCampus Covid-19 info section, which will be updated daily.
> Find out more

UGA students, you can also consult the FAQ section to find answers to your questions, and find the service that can further help you.
> FAQ – What services are available to help me in my studies and my student life ?

Further information and the latest news for your student life on the following website:

In Valence

Discover the different support systems put in place for students.
> Find out more

The Association Valentinoise des Étudiants (AVE) is launching its Solé'Val project, with the aim of centralizing solidarity initiatives to help and support students.
> Find out more
> The Solé'Val platform

Further information and the latest news for your student life on the following website:
A website to share your experiences of lockdown, keep in touch, know about the initiatives within the UGA, cultivate solidarity…
Published on  January 26, 2021
Updated on April 7, 2021