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Covid 19 – Curfew and sanitary measures
Further to the recent announcements of the French Prime Minister, the restrictive measures that have been set up to limit the spread of the Covid-19 are being maintained, and the curfew was reinforced.
Last updated: 25 February 2021


Traveling around within metropolitan France is authorized during the day, but everyone must be at home between 6 pm and 6 am.

Leaving home during the curfew is possible only for a limited number of reasons.

Additional restrictive measures and partial lockdown are being put in place as of February 23, 2021, in certain departments, particularly in the south of France (Nice and surrounding areas) and in the north of France (Dunkerque and surrounding areas).

Valid resons for leaving home during the curfew

The list of valid reasons for leaving home during the curfew shows on the ‘Exemption certificate during curfew hours’ that can be downloaded from the Ministry of the Interior website.

You can find among the valid reasons : going out for medical needs or emergencies, or long distance traveling (by train, plane or bus).

Rules for leaving home during curfew

When leaving home during the curfew hours, you must always have with you :
  • The exemption certificate during curfew hours completed and dated (and signed if on paper)
  • Your ID, passport or residence permit
  • Any complementary document to justify of your outing.

The exemption certificate

You can get the exemption certificate during curfew hours : If you are unable to print or get the digital version, it can be handwritten, following the downloadable sample version.

Sanitary measures

It is essential to respect the ongoing sanitary measures:
  • Regularly wash your hands, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser,
  • Maintain at least 1 meter distance between yourself and others,
  • Avoid gatherings, …
Bear in mind also that wearing a face mask is mandatory in town, on campuses, in every closed public area, in public transports.
Any violation of these rules will be penalised by a fine of €135 (which may be increased up to €3750 in the event of a repeat offence).
Published on  January 25, 2021
Updated on February 25, 2021