Discover the results of Unite! students’ hackathon themed “From post Covid University to inclusive European university”

Student challenge International
Last November, 16 participants from 7 partner universities participated to solve challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and higher education in the international hackathon “H@ck your COVID”.

What is an hackathon ?

It is an event where participants from different backgrounds and disciplines are brought together to come up with innovative ideas and find creative solutions to real-life problems in a short period of time. This international hackathon, aims at collecting feedback and ideas from students on the areas that they feel UNITE! should develop further.
It is important that these kinds of initiatives be launched and carried out by students, as they are the key actors in making such events successful. Furthermore, these events can serve as a model for the development of similar actions through virtual spaces, as virtual mobility enhances student development and promotes international collaborations.
The activity was organised by Unite!’s Mobility4All Students’ task force and this hackathon is an example of the kind of actions this task force develops to achieve the goal of seamless mobility.

H@ck-your-covid challenge

During the last week of November, students from different fields worked together in teams to present their best ideas to build a European inclusive and resilient university. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed many aspects of our lives. The goal of this hackathon was to build on that experience in order to make a positive impact. It had two objectives: first, allow students from different partner universities to share their COVID experience with their peers and second, give students the opportunity to tap into their COVID experience in order to imagine and create the university of the future. For this, the hackathon defined 4 different challenges to focus on: For this, the hackathon has defined 4 different challenges to focus on:
  • Student life (social life)
  • New ways of learning
  • Virtual (Eramus) mobility and interculturality?
  • Campus Transformation (Emerging digital campus)

The results of the challenge

Participants' ideas were amazing, the jury had a hard time choosing the winners. So, the following two winning teams were announced:

Unite bridges, an online platform that recreates in an immersive every partner university, creating virtual interconnected campuses. The objective is to create an immersive and learning experience and sharing experience to promote interculturality among unite students.
Team members: Croisette Thomas, Noah Simon Murmann, Fernando Amador Pla, Genesis Marquez.

Life Maestro a combination of music and socialization.
The main feature of this application is a student radio station with multiple channels and allows students to communicate with each other in real-time. In addition, to interact online, this application allows students to post music-related activities on the application to find like-minded peers on campus, so that bring student life back to the physical world.
Team members: Huahua Tian, Yupeng He, Nohaila El Barike, Huy Do.

Huahua Tian explains:

"These were a great 5 days of learning, growth, problem-solving, co-creation, collaboration, breakthroughs, excitement, sharing, and opportunities."

The winning teams will get to travel to the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in March 2022 to present the results of the hackathon.

Published on  January 24, 2022
Updated on  January 24, 2022