The partnership with the University of Tsukuba

Tsukuba is one of Japan's leading universities thanks to its policy of innovation and internationalization. Cooperation between the University of Tsukuba and the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) started in 1997 with the introduction of an agreement on student mobility. As a long-term initiative, the partnership has grown in scope and a joint strategic plan for the period 2021-2024 is now in preparation.
In 2017 the partnership became part of a broader initiative when the two parties signed an agreement with a dozen of the world's leading universities to create the International Campus in Campus (CiC) alliance. The initiative aims to share research and education resources, to expand student mobility particularly through new joint study programs and to develop a portfolio of online courses (the so-called Course Jukebox System).

At the same time the University of Tsukuba and the UGA have expanded bilateral academic cooperation, in particular through incoming and outgoing student mobility programs, a dual Master’s degree in Nanoscience and Materials (Phitem and Polytech), conference papers and teaching delivered by UGA research professors at Tsukuba and the participation of the UGA's "Risk" Graduate School in University of Tsukuba's Resilience Research and Education Promotion Consortium (R2EC).

In terms of cooperation in the area of scientific research, joint efforts have led to the creation of a research laboratory in Tsukuba shared by the two universities and Air Liquide (initiative funded through the Grenoble Unit program which was extended in 2019 with a budget of €250,000 for the period April 2020–March 2023) as well as multiple jointly supervised doctorates (14 theses in progress or defended since 2018) and more than 25 publications a year since 2017 in whole range of fields.

Current themes for collaboration are as follows:
  • Smart cities
  • Art and architecture
  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Energy
  • Risk and Resilience
Regular visits by the presidents, vice-presidents, research professors and administrative staff of these universities at joint conferences and workshops (Tsukuba Global Science Week, High Level Forum, CIC meeting, etc.) help cultivate relations whilst embedding the partnership in a regional strategy spearheaded jointly with the city of Grenoble and the Grenoble-Alpes metropolitan area.

The huge variety and diversity of collaborative initiatives pursued has raised the University of Tsukuba to the position of strategic partner under the IDEX project.
Updated on August 25, 2021