UGA’s Mentoring system

For students, International
Whether you are an international student that will arrive soon at the UGA or a UGA’s internationally minded student, the UGA’s mentoring system is perfect for you!
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Why should you take part in the mentoring system?

International student

Local student

Registration was never so simple!

A few tips to make sure that the proposed match is the best one for you:
  • Remember to answer all the questions on the form
  • Once you have registered, fill in the "hobbies" section of your profile.
  • If something is very important to you, don't hesitate to write it in the comments section.
  • You can also use the comment section to describe yourself a bit more and leave a short message to your future Buddy.
  • Keep an open mind when a match is proposed to you. If your proposed Buddy doesn't share all your interests, it's also an opportunity to open up to new things and why not to discover a new passion!
The match periods take place from May to October and from November to January.

Who can you contact to get more information?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the services available on campus:
  • International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO): a service dedicated to international students, which can inform you about several administrative issues related to life in France.
  • Your programs’ international relations office.
  • International student associations: IntEGre, ESN Valence, BIE (INP), ISI (IEP), Transfer' (ENSAG).
  • The town's international services: city hall, maison de l’international, etc.
Updated on  June 4, 2024