Your service centers on campus

Here, you will find the main service centers on the Université Grenoble Alpes campuses that can assist you, provide information and help you get the most out of your time at UGA. All these services are accessible to international students or scholars.

Welcome Centers and general information

International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO)

In Grenoble and Valence
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The International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) of Université Grenoble Alpes is entirely dedicated to international students, doctoral students, researchers and their accompanying family.

Maison du doctorat (PhD house)

In Grenoble
The Maison du doctorat brings together under one roof on the Saint-Martin-d'Hères campus all administrative services related to doctoral studies, as well as work and leisure spaces for PhD students.

Service Accueil handicap (Students with Disabilities Office)

In Grenoble and Valence
The Service Accueil Handicap is here to assist and inform students with disabilities on organizing their studies, accommodations, grants, social benefits and the most suitable transportation options.


In Grenoble
The Colibri welcome service is a point of entry to UGA for people in exile: potential students, teachers  and researchers.

CROUS Social Service

In Grenoble and Valence
The CROUS Grenoble Alpes social service works in collaboration with Université Grenoble Alpes to help students and doctoral students  facing financial, social or psychological difficulties, give them guidance and help them find solutions.

Maison de l'étudiant Drôme-Ardèche (Students' House in Valence)

In Valence
The Maison de l'étudiant Drôme-Ardèche contains an auditorium, and nine services and associations for students.

Health Services

Université Grenoble Alpes Health Center

In Grenoble
The Health Center's team of professionals meets with students with no upfront cost, and offers group workshops and individual consultations in fields such as general medicine, gynecology, sports medicine, psychology, disabilities and organization of studies, first aid training, sophrology and relaxation, and dietetics.

Centre Santé Jeunes (Youth Health Center) 

In Valence
The Youth Health Center ("Centre Santé Jeunes") is a medical and health promotion center that welcomes students of any age. A team of professionals is at your service for advice and consultations: general medicine, psychology, dietetics, sophrology, addictology, and athletic coaching.

Career guidance and planning

Student information centers

In Grenoble and Valence
Information and documentation centers are available to students to assist them with their educational goals, offer career guidance and help prepare them for professional life.

Pépite oZer

In Grenoble and Valence

The Pôle Étudiants pour l’Innovation, le Transfert et l’Entrepreneuriat (Pépite oZer or "Student Hub for Innovation, Sharing and Entrepreneurship") offers you training and assistance with your startup projects, in partnership with stakeholders in business development (support networks, young entrepreneur networks, etc.).

Doctoral Student Career Center

In Grenoble and Valence
The Doctoral College offers a variety of services to help you develop your professional projects and further your career.

Campus Life


In Grenoble
The Espace Vie Étudiante (EVE or "Student Life Space") is a café, performance venue, incubator for initiatives, and the home of student associations such as InteGre, which puts on events for international students. This student-focused space on the Saint-Martin-d'Hères campus, open to the University and to the city, is an excellent place to meet new people, converse, and pursue projects!

Grenoble INP Students' House

In Grenoble 
A central hub on the Saint-Martin-d'Hères campus for student associations at Grenoble INP, which houses the offices of clubs and associations and of the Grand Cercle, as well as the Grenoble INP store.


In Grenoble
The purpose of this building, located in Grenoble Presqu’île, is to welcome students for a moment of relaxation, with both indoor and outdoor spaces for sports and leisure. This site can also be used for events and hosts student associations, with dedicated facilities for this purpose.

Le Partiel

In Valence
The Partiel is an associative café, a friendly place entirely dedicated to students.

UGA university libraries (BU)

In Grenoble and Valence
In addition to viewing and borrowing documents, the university libraries offer a variety of services to help you succeed in your studies or research: group work spaces, printers and photocopiers, methodology workshops, documentary research training sessions, etc.

UGA Shop

In Grenoble
Sweatshirts, gym bags, baseball caps, beanies... Discover a range of high-quality products in your university's colors!
Published on  July 21, 2021
Updated on January 11, 2023