Sworn translators

Some administrative steps require documents written in foreign languages to be translated into French by sworn or certified translators. Whether you are in France or abroad, you will find on this page how to proceed.
The deadlines and costs will be given by the translator.

You are in France

Certified or sworn translators are approved by the French courts, and registered on a list of legal experts.
These lists are available online, from the French Court of cassation website.
Consult the list of sworn translators of the Cour d'Appel de Grenoble

Which list to choose ?

If you need to meet the translator in person, you should choose the closest town to your home, but you can choose any other town, particularly if there is no translator for your language.

You are abroad

You can find the list of sworn or certified translators on your country’s French Consulate website.
Consult the list of French Embassies and Consulates on the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs website
The translator’s signature must be legalized by the French Consulate in order for the translation to be valid.
Updated on  April 3, 2024