Home insurance

Any residential property, whether furnished or unfurnished, must be insured by the tenant for the duration of the lease. You must provide the owner or estate agent with an insurance certificate before they give you the keys. This certificate must be renewed each year.
Your home insurance must include at a minimum the following tenants’ insurance: fire, water damage and explosions.
However, you should know that this insurance does not cover your belongings, or damage caused to neighbors. For a more complete coverage, you are advised to take out comprehensive home insurance. This often includes personal civil liability insurance.

Taking out a home insurance policy

You can take out a home insurance policy with many different organizations: student complementary health insurance providers, banks and insurance companies.
You are free to choose any of these options.

If you are a doctoral student or researcher, you also have the possibility of taking out a policy with the partner insurance provider of the Euraxess network by registering on our international researcher support database, in partnership with the Euraxess network.
> Get more information on the Euraxess France partner insurance provider
> Register to our international researcher support database 

Cost of home insurance

Rates for this insurance depend on several criteria (surface area, location, value of personal property/belongings inside the accommodation/property, etc.) and insurance companies are free to set their own prices. They can therefore vary from one company to the next: don’t hesitate to compare offers.

If you are a student, you can get good rates from student insurance providers.
Published on  January 7, 2021
Updated on January 28, 2021