“La Tulpa or the world’s largest kitchen”: The origin of the world in Amerindian myths

Play International
On  October 18, 2022Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire
What happens when a scientist who swears only by Darwin, and Pachamama, the creator of the world in Amerindian mythology, meet? Join us at the fireside of “La Tulpa”, the traditional kitchen of southern Columbia and Ecuador, for a show beyond time and space which explores our ways of seeing the world.
In southern Columbia and Ecuador, “La Tulpa” describes a traditional kitchen made from 3 large stones forming a fireplace, and a large cooking pot.

“La Tulpa” is also the act of sitting around these 3 stones to eat, tell stories, share problems, philosophize, find ways to resolve conflicts in the family or community, build plans for the future and remember the past.

This will be a moment for discussion and exchange between the “Creator” and guardian of La Tulpa and a scientist. Between mythology and science, the gap is not always so wide.

Free admission, pre-registration required.
Published on  September 28, 2022
Updated on  September 30, 2022