Université Grenoble Alpes awarded the "Erasmus Charter" quality certificate for 2021-2027

On  February 4, 2021
jeunes de l'UE
Submitted in May 2020, UGA's renewal application for the Erasmus Charter required all its International and Territorial Development staff, as well as the political team.
As a prerequisite to take part in mobility actions for learning and/or cooperation within the Erasmus+ program framework, obtaining the Erasmus Charter was one of the important objectives of Université Grenoble Alpes in terms of international relations. With this entry ticket, UGA will be able to apply for the calls for projects of the future Erasmus+ program 2021-27. As an example, for 2019-2020 alone, UGA received nearly €900,000 to provide its students with scholarships for studies and internships in Europe and its staff with scholarships for training and teaching mobility.

The objectives linked to the Erasmus Charter

By obtaining the Erasmus charter, UGA continues to respect its guiding principles, which include:
  • provide a broad, internationalized education adapted to the future needs of students
  • cooperate at national and international levels (more than 850 E+ agreements, including European consortia)
  • maintain campuses that are open, welcoming and accessible to all, regardless of gender or origin
  • increase visibility at national and international levels
  • strengthen the development of blended learning and e-learning in international virtual mobility
  • encourage all opportunities for internationalization

Specific commitments for the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 program

For this 2021-2027 program, the European Union also requires partner institutions:
  • create an even more inclusive approach to ensure full and equitable access to participants from all backgrounds, paying particular attention to those with limited opportunities
  • promote civic engagement and active citizenship before, after and during mobility
  • participate in the European student card initiative
  • publish clear information on the ECTS credit system and its allocation
  • implement green mobilities
Published on  February 23, 2021
Updated on  February 23, 2021