Preparing for your stay

Your application was accepted: you can now start preparing for your stay. You will find below some useful information to guide through the different steps to take before your arrival in France.

Planning your budget

Carefully budgeting for your stay before your arrival will allow you to avoid any unpleasant surprises. You will find here the main sources of expenditures to consider for your arrival and settling in, as well as some information about the cost of living in Grenoble and Valence.

Searching for accommodation

Searching for accommodation requires time, organization and perseverance, especially from another country! We give you here some keys to understand the characteristics of the French system and to be efficient in your search.

Obtaining a visa

To be able to enter France, you may need a visa, depending on your nationality, the intended length and purpose of your stay. This section provides information regarding the different types of visas and the application procedures.

Learning about health insurance coverage

In France, it is compulsory to have health insurance to cover for your medical expenses.
In some cases, procedures must be completed before your arrival in France.

How to get to Grenoble or Valence

The different options and itineraries to come to Grenoble or Valence from Paris, Lyon or Geneva.

Booking temporary accommodation

If you are going to stay for just a few weeks, or if you prefer to give yourself time to look for accommodation after your arrival.
Published on  January 7, 2021
Updated on November 10, 2021