Visit from a delegation from National Taiwan University on the occasion of the Doctor Honoris Causa ceremony

Ceremony International
October 11, 2023 - October 12, 2023
During the week of October 12, a delegation from the National Taiwan University, represented by President Wen-Chang Chen, the Vice President for International Relations, representatives from several departments and the International Relations Office, visited UGA.
University President Prof. Wen-Chang Chen received an Honoris Causa award for his work on bio-based materials for bio-nanoelectronics applications, in collaboration with Dr. R. Borsali (UGA, CERMAV, DR CNRS).
This strategic partner of UGA had the opportunity to exchange ideas with numerous scientists from the UGA university site, particularly in the fields of chemistry, geosciences and quantum engineering.
The visit concluded with the signing of a renewed strategic partnership agreement with UGA, as well as a student exchange agreement with UGA, Sciences Po Grenoble-UGA and Grenoble INP-UGA Institut d'ingénierie et de management.
It augurs well for many exchanges and projects in the coming year.
Published on  October 19, 2023
Updated on  April 9, 2024