Prepare your stay

Coming to a new place, even when it is for something as exciting as higher learning or an innovative research project, can still be daunting. That is why we have brought together a wealth of information to help you prepare for your stay: if preparation is the key to success, then here are some primary resources to open the doors for your achievement.

International students and scholars office (ISSO)

UGA welcomes all international students, and provide a range of services and advice to facilitate your arrival, help you to settle in, and throughout your stay.

Online services

On our website dedicated to international students, you will find lots of information for helping you with the necessary practical steps you need to take (obtaining a visa and residence permit, finding accommodation, insurance, etc.), but also a lot of useful tips to make your daily life here easier and more enjoyable.
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Once you've arrived

ISSO, in Grenoble and Valence, is here to provide you with guidance and support during your time on campus.
Come meet us
ISSO is a member of the EURAXESS network of service centres, set up by the European commission, and been awarded the label "Bienvenue en France" (2 stars) for the quality of its support services.

Orientation events

Participate in the various events we offer to make the transition into life in France as smooth as possible! At the beginning of each semester, integration events are organised:

  • Information meetings about administrative procedures on arrival (opening of bank account, health, insurances, resident's permit) and the French university system (Marks, exams, type of courses, credit system ECTS…)
  • French courses.
  • Forum of sports.
  • Meetings with the university's departments and partners.

It is also an opportunity to meet other international and local students during cultural and festive activities: city tours, campus visits, integration evenings, sports activities, excursions...

Consult the events scheduled on Grenoble campus

Special status

If your everyday circumstances put major constraints on your time management or make it difficult for you to get around campus, if you have a disability, play sports at an elite level or are a professional artist, if you are involved in a charity organization or are a student entrepreneur, Université Grenoble Alpes may be able to offer you personalized learning support to help you succeed in your studies.
Published on  January 30, 2020
Updated on January 29, 2021