Accommodation options

In this section, we explain the main accommodation options that are available to you.

Public student residences (CROUS)

Public student residences are managed by the Regional Centers for University and Academic Work, known as "CROUS" in French, and are subsidized by the French government.
This is by far the most affordable type of accommodation, and the most popular choice among students.
All accommodation (room, studio, or shared apartment) is furnished, with free wifi, and the rent often includes heating and water.

Be aware that some constraints do apply:
  • Availability is limited for international students, as priority is given to students on grants from the French government based on social criteria. Submitting a request does not necessarily mean that you will be given a room.
  • There is a specific procedure with set deadlines for applying to CROUS rooms for the start of term in September. You must submit your application in July (the exact date is give by the Crous in June); past this deadline, it will be very difficult to find an available room.
  • This type of accommodation is not suitable if you are coming with your partner and/or children.
Indicative prices: from €200 to €500 per month, for options ranging from 9m² bedrooms to studios, including bedrooms in shared apartments.

Private student residences

Rents are higher than for CROUS public student residences, but they offer similar benefits: communal living, furnished rooms, internet, laundromat, gym, etc.
There are many private student residences in Grenoble and Valence, which are open to international students.
Requests must be sent directly to the residences, by submitting an application file.

Indicative prices: from €250 to €750 per month, for options ranging from a 12m² room to a “T2” apartment (separate bedroom and living room).
Find the lists of private student residences on the UGA student portal:
List of residences in Grenoble (in French)
List of residences in Valence (in French)

Individual private rentals

This is the most common type of accommodation. You will either rent directly from the landlord (known as “de particulier à particulier”), or through a letting agent (“agence immobilière”). Even if there is a cost for the latter (agent’s fees, “frais d’agence”), in dealing with professionals you will benefit from a more structured approach with better guarantees.
You will find many websites listing property ads posted by private individuals or agencies.

Indicative prices: from €400 to 600 per month for an apartment measuring 20 to 40m².
Good to know
For students , the “LoKaviZ” national student accommodation portal lists verified offers for renting apartments in the private sector, shared accommodations and rooms in private homes. You will need to register on the website in order to receive the contact details for the ads.

Shared accommodation (“colocation”)

Sharing a tenancy is often a good way to find more spacious housing in a friendly atmosphere, while pooling some of the expenses (electricity, internet, etc.).
The rental agreement or the conditions required for the guarantor might be a little bit different from an individual private rental. Consult our rental agreement page for more information.
More information on the rental agreement
You can find offers on the classified ad websites.

Indicative prices: from €300 to 400 per month.

Student and youth homes ("foyers")

Managed by associations (some of them religious), the "foyers" provide accommodation for young people mainly between 18 and 26 years of age. They may be for men or women only, or mixed. Priority is given to young workers (apprentices, people on work/study programs) and students on internships, but any student can inquire.

Indicative prices: approximately €250 per month. Some hostels offer options with meals included.
For further information, visit:
L’Union Nationale des Maisons d’Étudiants
L’Union Nationale pour l’Habitat des Jeunes

Room in a private home ("Chez l’habitant")

International students can opt to live with a French family, which is an ideal way to improve their knowledge of French. This solution is practical and economical: you have your own room in an apartment or house, with all the home comforts you need.

Indicative prices: approximately €300 per month for a room, including all service charges.
Some families even allow you to stay rent-free in return for simple day-to-day services such as looking after children, helping with homework, or giving language lessons.

To find out more, look at the many websites specializing in ads for such types of accommodation.

Home sharing in return for volunteer work

Intergenerational homesharing

A number of associations organize intergenerational homeshares, which offer a solution for students in need of affordable accommodation while helping to combat loneliness and isolation among elderly people.

Indicative prices: approximately €50 per month, or even free in some cases.
In Grenoble, visit the Digi38 association's website
In Valence, visit the website of Solidarité Habitat

“Koloc'A Projets Solidaires” (KAPS)

“Koloc' A Projets Solidaires” is a socially-responsible alternative offering students affordable shared accommodation in return for voluntary work in the community, such as tutoring schoolchildren or supporting local associations and organizations.
“KAPS” are intended for young people who are looking for an innovative, socially-responsible lifestyle. Motivation and enthusiasm are key requirements for anyone interested in this kind of experience.

Indicative prices: €300 per month.
To find out more, visit the AFEV association’s website (for Grenoble Alpes métropole)
The KAPS in Grenoble
Published on  January 7, 2021
Updated on April 24, 2024