Both the tenant and the landlord (or lessor) have obligations to fulfil with respect to the property to ensure that it is let appropriately and legally.

Tenant’s responsibilities

  • Pay the rent and service charges ("charges locatives" on time
  • Use the property only for the purpose stated in the tenancy agreement
  • Obtain the landlord’s written permission before considering subletting the property
  • Maintain the property, its equipment and fittings to a certain standard
  • Take out tenants’ liability insurance (“assurance risques locatifs”)
  • Pay the housing tax (“taxe d’habitation” – more information)
  • Grant the landlord access to the property by prior appointment to carry out works or enable future tenants to visit it.
  • Carry out the minor repairs for which you are responsible: filling in any holes that you made, changing light bulbs, clearing blocked pipes, etc.

Landlord’s responsibilities

  • Provide a safe and habitable property compliant with residential use (electrical equipment compliant with standards, heating and ventilation equipment, etc.)
  • Provide a rent receipt free of charge on request
  • Carry out the work for which the tenant is not responsible: upgrading equipment and installations, maintaining the property (heating system, etc.)

In the event of a dispute

You can obtain information from the French national housing information agency (“Agence Nationale pour l’Information sur le Logement” - ANIL), or contact its local branch in your “département” (“Agence Départementale pour l’Information sur le Logement” - ADIL).
> Find out more on the ADIL website in Grenoble
> Find out more on the ADIL website in Valence
Worth knowing
Feel free to contact the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO), which is also on hand to advise!

And lastly, if your difficulties continue, other organizations can help you: > Legal assistance in Valence