This section tells you everything you need to know about traveling to Grenoble or Valence from some of France’s main airports, as well as about getting around your city on a daily basis, finding your way round the Université Grenoble Alpes campuses, and driving in France with a foreign driver’s license.

Coming to Grenoble or Valence

The different options and itineraries to come to Grenoble or Valence from Paris, Lyon or Geneva.

Traveling across the region and in France

To go and discover the region or France, you can use public transport, bus, train, or car. You will also find here what conditions to meet to drive with a foreign driver’s license.

Getting around the city

You can get around Grenoble or Valence using the city’s public transportation network (buses, trams), or by bike.

Finding your way around your campus and city

To find your way around more easily and go and discover your new host city, do not hesitate to use the maps of the campuses and cities.