Guidelines on drawing up the learning agreement for the international exchange students

Have you been selected by your home university to apply to Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA)? Please follow this guide to draft your learning agreement!
For your exchange program at UGA, you must select the majority of your courses from one composante (faculty, school, institute, department). This will be your host faculty.


If you are selected to study at the Faculty of Medicine, contact the international relations coordinator directly:

Step 1: Get a copy of the learning agreement template

Are you coming as part of the Erasmus+ program?

Ask the coordinator of the international relations department at your current university for the Erasmus+ learning agreement template.

Are you coming as part of another program?

Download the UGA learning agreement

Step 2: Keep these guidelines in mind when selecting your courses

1. Select your courses according to the following rules:

Number of courses per semester In your host faculty In another faculty
For all faculties (excluding LE and LLASIC) Minimum of 2 courses 1 course maximum
For the LE and LLASIC faculties 51% minimum No restrictions

You may also select:
  • 1 French course (Français Langue Étrangère - FLE) : for one semester only. Your home faculty may also offer French courses.
  • 2 cross-departmental courses (Enseignements transversaux à choix - ETC) among the list:
    • Language courses (2 courses maximum/semester) - Grenoble or Valence
    • Sport courses (1 course maximum/semester) - Grenoble or Valence
    • Other courses (2 courses maximum/semester) - Grenoble

2. Make sure you have the right number of credit.

Your home university determines the number of credits you can take, up to a maximum of 30 credits per semester.

3. Check that the courses selected are actually held during your exchange semester(s).

You may select courses during the period of your mobility, regardless of the course level, so long as you have the prerequisites.

4. Check that your courses are held at the same location if possible and if not, in the same city.

The UGA has campuses in various locations around Grenoble as well as in nearby cities like Valence. If possible, try to choose courses on the same campus. Otherwise, choose courses in the same city.

Step 3: Choose your courses and fill out your learning agreement

See the course catalogue to find courses open to exchange students

Once you have selected your courses, fill out your learning agreement.

Step 4: Get your learning agreement approved and signed

Make sure your learning agreement is signed by you and your home university when you submit your application. Your UGA host faculty will sign it if your application is accepted.
If you are at the Faculty of Foreign Languages (LE), contact your UGA international advisor directly to find out how to proceed.

Step 5: Finalize your learning agreement

As courses offered may change, you might find yourself with scheduling conflicts. In that case, you may be able to change your learning agreement when you arrive at the UGA. Upon arrival, contact your host faculty to confirm your final course schedule and to make any necessary changes.
Published on  January 8, 2021
Updated on October 19, 2022