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Consulting a doctor

For help finding and choosing a general practitioner or specialist

You can use the online healthcare directory drawn up by the French state health insurance office (“Assurance maladie”).

It lists all the healthcare professionals and establishments, and the rates charged for consultations.
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Referring doctor (“médecin traitant”)

If you are affiliated with the French health insurance (“assurance maladie”) system, you must choose and declare a referring doctor (“médecin traitant”) in order obtain the highest rate of reimbursement.
He or she will oversee your overall healthcare, and refer you to a specialist if necessary.
> Find out more about declaring a referring doctor

Seeing a specialist

If you need to see a specialist (dermatologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, psychiatrist, etc.), you will be reimbursed at the highest rate if you obtain a referral from your primary doctor.

However, you can see certain specialists directly and still be reimbursed at the full rate: this is the case with gynecologists, ophthalmologists and dentists.

Seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist

Your primary doctor can refer you to a psychologist or a psychiatrist, depending on your situation and your needs.

If you are a student or doctoral student at the Université Grenoble Alpes, you can obtain counselling without paying up-front at the University Health Center on the St Martin d’Hères campus, at the “Point Relais Oxygène” in the “Centre santé jeunes” in Valence, at the University Medical and Psychological Service (SMPU) in St Martin d’Hères, at the CROUS university residence in Grenoble, or via video consultation in Valence with Apsytude, a partner of CROUS Grenoble Alpes.

To find out more, visit the websites below:
>The University Health Center
> The “Point Relais Oxygène” in the “Centre santé jeunes”
> The University Medical and Psychological Service (SMPU)
> Apsytude

You can also contact the counselling association “Les Psys du Cœur”, which is open to everyone.
> Visit the “Psys du Cœur” website to find out more

For your children

If your child needs medical care, you can contact a general practitioner or a pediatrician.
You can also access mother and infant care via the “Protection maternelle et infantile” (PMI) service, which provides medical checks, health advice and vaccinations for children up to the age of six.
The contact details of your local PMI office can be found in the online directory of the French official information service of Isère, Drôme and Ardèche.
Updated on February 1, 2021