Help and support

You need support, help or guidance in case of personal, family or financial difficulties, or in case of discrimination, harassment, sexual or gender-based violence: you will find here the essential information and useful contacts.

Social support and assistance

If you are facing financial, personal or family difficulties, the CROUS social service and municipal social services are on hand to provide support and advice to help you overcome them.

In case of harassment, discrimination, sexual and gender-based violence (VSS)

The institutions of the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) are committed to combating discrimination, harassment, sexual or gender-based violence, and misconduct of all types.

Students, doctoral students and staff of the institutions can report inappropriate situations that they experience or witness to referents:
  • Via a reporting form for students and staff of UGA, Grenoble INP - UGA and Ensag - UGA
  • By contacting the Equality Delegate of Sciences Po Grenoble - UGA for students and staff of Sciences Po Grenoble.
More information
On the Université Grenoble Alpes website
On the Grenoble student life website, iCampus
The lawyers of the "défenseur des droits" (defender of rights) and the website
Whether you are a victim or a witness, the lawyers of the "défenseur des droits" listen, help and advise you. You can contact them by phone or by chat.
More information on the website

Counseling and support services

Psychological support

If you are feeling lonely, having personal problems or in need of psychological support, free counseling services are available.
Consult a psychologist or psychiatrist

Helplines and remote support services

A number of national telephone helplines provide support with various issues. These include “SOS amitié” (emotional support), “Violences femmes info” (for women who are victims of violence), “sexualité et contraception” (sexual health and contraception), “Tabac info service” (for support with giving up smoking), “Drogues info service” (support with drug and addiction issues)...
Visit the UGA health center website for more information

If you are more comfortable expressing yourself in English, SOS Help is an English-language emotional support line.
Go to the website of the SOS Help association to find out more

And if you feel you have been the victim of an attack on your person or property, you can call the free victim support number to get help and guidance.
More information on the victim support number, 116 006

Legal information and assistance

Free consultations with lawyers

Free consultations with lawyers are organized in different structures in the cities of Grenoble or Valence.
Free consultations with lawyers in Grenoble
Free consultations of lawyers in foreigners' rights in Grenoble
Free consultations with lawyers in Valence

Legal advice and access to rights in Grenoble

Several associations in Grenoble specifically offer help and support in the area of the rights of foreigners in France and the right of residence.
Consult the Solidarités Grenoble website for more information

Financial assistance

If your budget is tight, or you are having temporary difficulties, financial support is available in a whole range of areas, including accommodation, transport, day-to-day living needs and family needs.
Published on  January 8, 2021
Updated on December 7, 2023