Getting around by public transport or bicycle

In the city, in the region, by public transport or by bike, you will find here practical information to get around in an economical, fast and more ecological way.


You can buy a new bike at a sports shop, or a second-hand model.
Grenoble and Valence also run public bike rental schemes enabling you to rent a bike by the day, or on a monthly or yearly basis.

In Grenoble

Although Grenoble is surrounded by mountains, it is also the flattest city in France: it is therefore easy to get around by bike, and its use is widespread.
> See the map of cycle routes across the city on the Grenoble Alpes Métropole website
Rent a bike with Mvélo+
The Mvélo+ public bike rental scheme offers various types of bike (conventional, folding, electrically-assisted, etc.) which you can rent by the hour or the day, or on a monthly or annual basis.
To rent a bike, go to one of the two Mvélo+ agencies: one is on the Grenoble railway station forecourt and the other is on the St-Martin-d’Hères campus.
You are automatically entitled to reduced rates if you are aged under 25.
> Visit the Mvélo+ website to find out more
Good to know
The association “uN p'Tit véLo dAnS La Tête” offers its members assistance with bike repairs. This service is free, and enables you to maintain your bike using the spare parts it makes available. It also sells second-hand bikes for between €30 and €80, depending on their condition and equipment.
> More information from the website of uN p’Tit véLo dAnS La Tête

In Valence

Valence has more than 115 km of cycle paths.
>See the map of the cycle paths on the website of Valence city council
Rent a bike with Libélo
The Libélo service enables you to rent a bike as a one-off for a short period - a day or week - or for a longer period of 1 to 12 months.
For a one-off rental, you can only pay by bank card and must use the PBSC app. The service is available 24/7.
For a long-term rental, between 1 and 12 months, go to the Citéa agency in Valence or Romans.
> Visit the Valence Romans Déplacements website to find out more

Public transportation in the city

Each city has its own public transport network.
You can buy single-trip tickets, or tickets valid for a day or several days. There are also monthly or annual passes, which are often cheaper.

In Grenoble

The public transport network in Grenoble is called TAG (“Transports de l’Agglomération Grenobloise”).
Grenoble and its urban area are served by 45 bus lines and 5 tram lines.

You can buy tickets and passes mainly from:
  • TAG ticket offices (“Agences de Mobilité” or “Points Services”).
    A list of these can be found on the TAG website.
  • Certain retail outlets which act as “Relais Tag” (tobacconists, newsagents, etc.).
    A list of these can be found on the TAG website.
  • Automatic ticket vending machines available round the clock at each tram stop, as well as from bus drivers (single-trip tickets only).
> To find out more (network maps, fares, etc.) visit the TAG website.

In Valence

The public transport network in Valence and its urban area is called Citéa.
It serves 69 municipalities in Drôme and Ardèche, as well as the two main university campuses of Valence: Latour Maubourg and Pôle Briffaut.

You can buy tickets and passes at Citéa ticket offices or partner retailers.
> A list of sales outlets can be found on the Valence Romans Déplacements website.

Tickets can also be purchased directly from bus drivers.

> To find out more (network maps, fares, etc.) visit the Valence Romans Déplacements website

Public transportation in the region


Isère (Grenoble)
Transisère operates bus services throughout the ‘département’ of Isère, including the ski resorts close to Grenoble.
You can buy single-trip tickets, with fares depending on the distance traveled, or a monthly or annual pass.
> Visit the Transisère website for more information
Drôme (Valence)
The Drôme inter-urban network comprises 28 regular lines covering towns across the ‘département’.
> See the route map and information on fares


Rail transport in France is operated by French railways (SNCF).
Many connections between large cities are operated with high-speed trains (TGVs), putting Paris just three hours from Grenoble, for example.
Train tickets can be purchased online, and the same fares are charged on the different ticket websites.
Published on  January 8, 2021
Updated onJanuary 12, 2022