Traveling by car

Even if the use of public transport and bike is recomended, especially in the city, you will find in this section all the information you need to travel around by car and drive.

Driving with a foreign driver’s license

Your driver’s license may be valid in France, depending on the country of issue and the type of residence permit you hold.

Driving license obtained in Europe

If your license was issued in a European Economic Area (EEA) member state, you are entitled to drive in France (see detailed conditions by following the link below).
However, if you obtained it in exchange for a license issued in another country, different conditions apply.
> Visit the page about driving in France with a license issued in Europe (EEA) on the French administration website

Driving license obtained in another country

You have a student ("Étudiant") residence permit
You can drive with your foreign driver's license and during your period of studies under certain conditions.
Your foreign license must be written in French, or else accompanied by a certified French translation (done by a sworn translator (“traducteur assermenté”)).
At the end of your studies, if you obtain another residence permit, you may in some cases be able to request to exchange your license for a French driver's license.

Visit the French official information website to know more about the conditions to be met to drive in France with a student residence permit.
> Driving in France with a foreign license (short stay, studies)
You have another type of residence permit
If your driver's license was issued by a country that has an agreement with France, you can request an exchange with a French driver's license. If not, you will have to retake your driver's license in France.
Find all the conditions to be met on the French administration website:
> Exchange of a foreign driver's license (lon-term stay)


Carpooling is a convenient, environmentally-friendly and economical solution for traveling by car.
Drivers and passengers offer and search for journeys through one of the several websites available, which list the available journeys along with dates and price information.
Interested passengers simply get in touch with the driver, and they finalize the journey details together.

Carpooling to and from the Grenoble campuses

The CAESUG has set up a carpooling platform to put drivers offering spare seats in touch with passengers looking for a ride.
> Visit the CAESUG carpooling website to find out more

Carpooling in Drôme and Ardèche

You can join the community of student car-poolers in Valence.
> Visit the Étudier en Drôme Ardèche website to find out more

Car sharing

Car sharing is a simple, convenient rental system for people who need a car on an occasional or regular basis.
In Grenoble and Valence, Citiz Alpes Loire runs a car-sharing scheme.
> Visit the Citiz Alpes-Loire website
Published on  January 8, 2021
Updated onJuly 2, 2021