In France, it is compulsory to have health insurance.
The type of insurance and the procedures to follow depend on your situation: student, doctoral student, researcher or accompanying family, employee or not, etc.
In most situations, you will benefit from the French state health insurance cover (“Assurance Maladie”) or remain covered by your country’s health insurance system if it operates a bilateral agreement with France. Otherwise, you will need to take out private health insurance.

State health insurance and complementary health insurance

First, you need to verify if you are eligible to the French state health insurance system ("Assurance Maladie"), or if your country operates a bilateral agreement with France. In the first scenario, you will need to register upon arrival. In the second, procedures must be completed before your arrival in France.
French state health insurance (‘Assurance Maladie’) does not cover all medical costs, and the reimbursement rate varies depending on the type of care.
To supplement the reimbursements paid by social security, it is highly recommended to take out complementary health insurance, known as a “mutuelle”.

Private health insurance

If you are not eligible for state health cover, you must take out private health insurance to cover your medical costs in France.  
How your medical costs are covered
Medical costs (appointments, examinations, medication, hospitalization) and the proportion that is reimbursed will vary. You will find information here about the various procedures for requesting a reimbursement.
> Consult the different procedures to claim for reimbursement