Personal Civil Liability Insurance

This insurance covers any damage or harm that you may cause to others by accident. It is essential, and you may have to provide proof of it when you enroll at University.

Taking out personal civil liability insurance

There are many organizations that offer civil liability insurance policies: student insurance providers, banks and insurance companies.
You can choose any of these options.

If you are a doctoral student or researcher, you also have the possibility of taking out a policy with the partner insurance provider of the Euraxess network by registering on our international researcher support database, in partnership with Euraxess.
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Good to know
Other insurance policies, such as comprehensive home insurance, may include personal civil liability guarantees: remember to check with your insurance company to avoid any overlap!

Cost of personal civil liability insurance

Personal civil liability insurance costs between 16 and 35 euros per person and per year.
Published on  January 7, 2021
Updated on June 13, 2023