"Between culture(s)" tours

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Œuvre "La Cornue", par A. Calder
What if you met other cultures while taking an artistic tour around campus ? A visit combining cultural and intercultural discoveries.

For one hour, come (re)discover the artworks of the Saint-Martin-d'Hères campus and take part in outdoor intercultural activities. From one creation to another, it is an opportunity to learn about the artists, their style and the possible interpretations of their work.

Beyond the artistic aspect of this program, at each step of the tour reflect on an intercultural topic (relationship with time, with space...) and compare your point fo view to that of the other participants.

There are two possible tours: the “Street Art” tour allows you to discover the street art works and their authors coming from all around the world. The “Heart of Campus” tour invites you to come across three works of art scattered in the center of the campus.

These tours are free, given in French and in English and is open to all students, with mandatory registration.

Upcoming dates for Between Culture(s) tours will be announced in the international portal's agenda, stay tuned!

Updated on  September 8, 2023