UGA international students: become STAR ambassadors!

International, For students
Dispositif STARs (Study Abroad Representatives)
As a STAR (Study Abroad Representatives), you will be at the heart of the campus cultural life and you will add an international touch to the everyday life of UGA’s students and staff.

Your missions

  • Make the campus livelier! By spreading the word about the many international events that take place on campus. You will also take an active part during certain events (world cafes, international days, etc.).
  • Promote intercultural exchange! Bring together international and local students and widen your social circle…share your culture with them.
  • Participate in UGA’s international visibility! Instagram, Facebook… Share your experience, and you will motivate other students to come and see for themselves the multiple possibilities offered by our Grenoble campus.

Develop your professional skills

You will be accompanied by the UGA’s International Affairs Department and will benefit from training in general communication and particularly social networks, as well as photographic shooting to help you with your missions.

The profile we are looking for

  • Curious and dynamic international students
  • You have a good command of English and French
  • You like to share your culture
  • Social networks have no secrets for you (Instagram, Facebook…)

Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year will be open from September 5th.

Updated on  August 29, 2022