Language courses

Using a wide variety of innovative teaching practices, the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) offers language courses for more than 20 languages, available to everyone: students, high school pupils, trainees on lifelong learning courses, workers, retired people, or simply those with a thirst for knowledge.

The language courses are organized by several departments and structures at the UGA:

The languages department

The UGA languages department gives courses in more than 20 foreign languages on the Grenoble and Valence campuses. Classes are organized for groups of different levels that are set up based on the results of a proficiency test and defined in compliance with the common reference levels of the European Council. For those who wish to obtain certification of their language level, the Languages Department is also accredited as a certification center.
It also offers a range of additional programs geared to the different requirements of learners: conversation workshops, intensive courses, and guided or unguided independent learning.
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The University Center for studying French as a foreign language (Centre universitaire d’études françaises – CUEF in Grenoble)

Since 1896, the CUEF in Grenoble has offered French classes geared to the needs of its participants and teacher training courses for those who wish to teach French as a Foreign Language (Français Langue Étrangère - FLE). As the years have gone by, it has been able to maintain its status as an establishment of excellence for teaching FLE.
The CUEF in Grenoble trains approximately 3000 students each year and hosts more than a thousand candidates during examination and certification sessions.
Published on  January 8, 2021
Updated on October 12, 2023