UGA welcomes members of the Campus in Campus (CiC) international alliance

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June 23, 2022 - June 24, 2022Agglomération grenobloise
43 representatives from universities in Japan, Brazil, the United States, Germany, France and Kazakhstan will be in Grenoble to attend the annual meeting of the CiC network. This is an opportunity for Université Grenoble Alpes to confirm its status as an institution of excellence on the international stage.

It should be noted that some partners such as Taiwan, Malaysia and the Netherlands will be attending the event remotely.

A fast-expanding network

Following several years of isolation due to Covid 19 restrictions, the Grenoble gathering will provide an opportunity for the various players to give new stimulus to their work on shared goals such as student exchanges, the development of dual degrees and scientific collaboration. Several meetings are planned between staff responsible for international relations, as well as between university presidents and researchers. Visits to major university and scientific sites around the city are also scheduled.

The University of Tsukuba (Japan), a UGA strategic partner

A pillar of the Campus in Campus network, the University of Tsukuba will of course be attending the event. In addition to the strategic partnership linking the UGA and the University of Tsukuba for over 20 years now, the city of Tsukuba is also twinned with Grenoble, giving a further boost to collaboration with our region. There have been many joint research projects, leading to 129 co-authored scientific publications between 2016 and 2021 in a wide variety of fields: applied physics, astronomy/astrophysics, materials science and particle physics.

Creation of an international laboratory

In parallel with the CiC network meeting, the UGA, University of Tsukuba, CNRS and Air Liquide will be inaugurating the J-FAST international laboratory in the city’s science park on 24 June at 4:30 pm. Created in 2022, the laboratory specialises in semi-conductor physics and technology. A further achievement for this fast-expanding partnership.

Published on  June 15, 2022
Updated on  February 10, 2023