Unite! finances innovative projects with the Seed Fund

Call for proposals International
January 15, 2024 - March 15, 2024
Call for applications opens on 15 January until 15 March 2024. This time those interested can participate in a virtual matchmaking event to connect with potential partners, so that more Unite! projects can become a reality.
To foster collaborations among partner universities, the European alliance Unite! proposes, through its 'Seed Fund', to finance actions, activities, and projects in three domains:
  • Teaching and Learning: up to €90,000
  • Research and PhD: up to €90,000
  • Student Activity: up to €10,000
The principle of the Seed Fund is that at least 50% of the budget must be provided by the project-leading universities, while the rest is contributed by the Unite! consortium.
  • Proposals must come from at least 3 different universities within Unite! for calls related to Teaching and Learning and Research and PhD, and 2 different universities for Student Activity.
  • External partners (e.g., companies) cannot be directly funded by the Seed Fund, but they can contribute to the 50% share provided by the universities.
  • The list of eligible expenses is defined on the tender page. The Seed Fund does not cover personnel costs, such as teaching fees, student stipends, or salaries for doctoral or post-doctoral researchers.
The call for applications is open until March 15, 2024.  
Looking for partners?
To facilitate project setups and find partners, the European coordinator of Unite! from TU Darmstadt organizes a virtual matchmaking event on 16 February 2024, 14:00-16:00 CET : Zoom Meeting Link

If you have a project idea you would like to present, please send a short abstract (100 words) as well as your contact details to seedfund@unite-university.eu no later than 11 February 2024.
Published on  February 6, 2024
Updated on  February 6, 2024