Moving in procedures

The final steps before you can pick up your keys and move in at last: home insurance, check-in inventory, access to electricity, water and internet

Home insurance

Home insurance (“assurance habitation”) is mandatory in order to obtain the keys to your property, and can be taken out as soon as you have signed the rental agreement.

Check-in inventory of fixtures

A check-in inventory of fixtures (“état des lieux d’entrée”) is performed to inspect the condition of the property before you are given the keys.
When the rental is terminated, an outgoing inventory (“état des lieux de sortie”) will be drawn up to serve as a comparison, and will determine whether your deposit is refunded to you in full or in part.

During the inspection, remember to test any appliances provided to make sure they are working properly, and write down any damage or malfunctions you observe.

At the end of the inspection a report is drawn up in duplicate, which you will have to sign along with the landlord (or lessor).
You will keep a copy of the inventory.

Good to know
The inventory may be performed by a professional on behalf of the letting agency or landlord. In this case, you will have to pay half of the fee charged for the service (no more than €3 per m² for the tenant).
Good to know
After entering the property, you have ten days within which to report any changes you wish to make to the inventory by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (“courrier recommandé avec accusé de reception”) or by email.
In the latter case, send photos of the errors or omissions you have noted and request confirmation of receipt.

Access to electricity, gas, water and internet

If electricity, gas or water are not already included in your rental service charges (they often are in the case of student residences, for instance), it is up to you to set up utility accounts (or contracts) with suppliers, even if you are already connected when you enter the property.

Electricity and gas

To find out which suppliers are available in the place where you will be living:


In the Grenoble area and Valence, the provision of water is managed by a public utility:


You will find all the information you need by doing a web search, but you can also ask fellow students or colleagues to help you pick a supplier that meets your needs.

For unlimited access to the internet and television, package prices vary between €20 and €40 per month.

Buying furniture and other basic essentials

Whether you are looking for furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, crockery or books, various associations in the cities of Grenoble and Valence offer affordable items for small budgets

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Published on  January 7, 2021
Updated on April 24, 2024