The UGA is committed to internationalization

In order to encourage all members of our community to be open to differences, experience cultural diversity and develop an approach with an international dimension, the Université Grenoble Alpes places internationalization at the very center of its strategy.
Offering its students the possibility of studying at partner universities abroad, and by encouraging international internships, the UGA provides its students with opportunities to enrich their academic studies with an experience that will not only improve their language skills but also help them develop an open-minded attitude and think about their own cultural bias and ability to adapt. The cross-disciplinary skills acquired through these experiences are often well-regarded by recruiting employers and are an excellent means of differentiating between candidates.

To ensure that those who are not able go abroad still have the opportunity to develop this type of skill, the UGA has embedded its intention to internationalize its campus within its strategy.

According to Constance Chevallier-Govers, manager for internationalization within the vice-presidency for Extension of influence and International relations, the internationalization strategy adopted by the UGA aims to “support incoming and outgoing international mobility for personnel and students, whilst including the internationalization of research laboratories in this process. A broad approach must be taken to internationalization, in particular through the contribution of "internationalization at home", which integrates a global, international and intercultural approach into academic programs, classes, teaching methods, the student experience on campus and in the local area, in order to reach all students and personnel.”

"Internationalization at home” offers students and personnel a window onto the international scene and exposure to cultural diversity, in the form of actions other than those related to mobility opportunities. Amongst other things, this approach is based on the ability to learn foreign languages, attend seminars on cultural diversity, etc.
Updated on  March 22, 2021