Welcome to the UGA international website!

Etudiants internationaux sur le campus de l'UGA. Photo de Pierre Jayet
This new website aims at promoting all of Université Grenoble Alpes international relations activities and at providing the public with the information they need in this field. The English version of this website is under development and will be available very soon.
A brand new layout for ISSO
This UGA International portal has taken over the former ISSO (International Students and Scholars Office) website URL. However, you will still be able to find in the section "Getting Organized" all the information on visas, accommodation, insurance and all the practical aspects of life in France in order to prepare your arrival and smooth your stay.

A new website, with a new scope

French and international students and doctoral students, researchers and members of partner institutions abroad or institutional organizations, just to name a few, regularly ask themselves about the activities carried out at UGA in relation to international affairs. 

What are the opportunities to come and study at UGA? What requirements to study in exchange? Is there any funding for an internship or study abroad? How can I open up my international experience while staying on the UGA campus? Which are the UGA's international partner institutions? What forms do these cooperations take? What are the projects with an international dimension set up by UGA? How can I set up my own international project? Can I resume studies as a refugee?

These are examples of questions for which you will find answers on this website, which will also provide you with further information on the rich and varied activities carried out and developed in all the structures that make up Université Grenoble Alpes, in connection with the international scene.

Published on  January 26, 2021
Updated on  January 31, 2023