RESCIF, a French-speaking network in engineering sciences

Created in 2010, RESCIF implements an innovative, targeted and sustainable form of cooperation between 15 technology universities seeking to address certain major challenges faced by emerging and developing countries: water, energy, nutrition, food security and urban planning.
RESCIF aims to anticipate and prepare the new wave of emerging countries and universities. In these institutions, RESCIF’s initiatives will make it possible to train young engineers in the most advanced technologies and to conduct research that will be useful for the development of these countries.

The aim is to promote common scientific programs, in particular in the fields of water, nutrition, energy, food security and urban planning. These sectors are crucial, particularly for certain countries in the South, which are subject to extremely difficult climate conditions and food security problems.

RESCIF will work in partnership with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and together they will develop a guide to good practice in terms of technological partnerships to be used by all emerging universities in the French-speaking world.
Updated on  April 16, 2021